SINIYA and Bill Yadi combine their talents for an unforgettable cultural workshop


The workshop organized by SINIYA in collaboration with Bill Yadi was set up with the help of the latter, who is a specialist in calligraphy and leatherwork. The event brought together three people with a passion for culture, literature, music and history: independent researcher Amina Belghiti, visual artist Soukaina Aziz El Idrissi and creative craftswoman Wafae Zaoui.

SINIYA is dedicated to communal publishing, artist books and archives. The space was transformed into a meeting place for different disciplines, all linked to this cultural spirit. During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to discover and share their activities and life projects, encouraging encounters and exchanges. The organizers also presented their own projects and programs.

The event, held on February 1, 2024, marked Bill Yadi’s first workshop with SINIYA. The focus was on calligraphy and its history, with the invaluable help of Wafae Zaoui, who shared her calligraphy skills and her connection with history, particularly through old book, vinyl and cassette covers.

This workshop was a real opportunity for history, art and creativity to meet, enabling everyone to discover new techniques and collaborate on the creation of unique works. Participants expressed their satisfaction at having been able to exchange ideas with passionate people and discover new approaches to calligraphy and history, thanks to the collaboration between SINIYA and Bill Yadi.

In conclusion, the workshop organized by SINIYA in collaboration with Bill Yadi was a real success, bringing together people with a passion for history, art and creativity. It was an enriching experience that opened doors to new opportunities for collaboration and creation, and it’s just the beginning of a longer collaboration through a series of future workshops and bespoke collaborations.