Bill Yadi is a brand founded by Wafae Zaoui, dedicated to preserving and revitalizing Morocco’s artisanal heritage. Combining design, calligraphy, and leatherwork, Bill Yadi specializes in creating exquisite handmade leather accessories that are beautifully adorned with hand-painted calligraphy.

What sets Bill Yadi apart is its unwavering commitment to preserving traditional artisanal techniques and skills, while also supporting local artisans and small businesses. Each meticulously crafted product reflects a dedication to detail and a pursuit of perfection. Bill Yadi offers a range of customizable items, allowing customers to personalize their accessories with colors and calligraphic patterns or initials, resulting in a truly unique piece that embodies their individuality.

Bill Yadi’s refined designs and elegant calligraphy seamlessly blend the authentic with the modern, breathing new life into Moroccan craftsmanship. The brand strives to be the top choice for individuals seeking distinctive and personalized artisanal products. By choosing Bill Yadi, customers not only acquire exquisite handmade items, but also contribute to the preservation of time-honored traditions and the growth of local communities. Our raw material, leather, is mainly sourced from Moroccan tanneries that adhere to the standards set by the Moroccan Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Beyond creating exceptional products, Bill Yadi hosts workshops and events to share the art of artisanal creation with its customers. These immersive experiences offer insights into the brand’s world, provide an opportunity to learn about artisanal techniques, and deepen one’s appreciation for the cultural heritage woven into each piece. Bill Yadi aims to infuse the creation process with a human touch, championing the value of craftsmanship and the support of local artisans.

At Bill Yadi, a profound belief in the value and stories behind handcrafted products underpins everything we do. The ultimate goal is to foster a community of individuals who appreciate the artistry and uniqueness of Bill Yadi’s creations, while simultaneously safeguarding Morocco’s rich cultural heritage and empowering local artisans.


We offer bulk orders for companies!

At Bill Yadi, we specialize in understanding and catering to our client’s unique requirements.

We offer a broad range of meticulously handcrafted leather products. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, passport cases, coin purses, and tote bags.

Our customization goes beyond just adding calligraphy – we can personalize the whole design of the product to align seamlessly with your company’s theme, ethos, or branding.

Whether you’re looking for distinctive corporate gifts or promotional items, we’re equipped to create objects that balance your needs and budget perfectly.

Get in touch with us today to place your bulk order and make a lasting impression.

Team members

Team members

Wafae Zaoui - Bill Yadi

Wafae Zaoui

BILL YADI founder - CRÉ ARTISANAT CEO - Artisan designer & Calligrapher
Wafae ZAOUI, a Moroccan residing in Rabat and the driving force behind CRÉ ARTISANAT as its CEO and Bill Yadi founder. Her journey in the realm of handcrafting spans five enriching years. Originating from an engineering background, she embarked on a transformative path to pursue her passion for arts, creativity, and the rich Moroccan savoir-faire. Beyond personal aspirations to enhance her creative expertise, her vision for Bill Yadi is to propel it to greater heights. She aims to position it as a dedicated project committed to social and professional integration for the youth in Morocco's artisanal domain, the acknowledgment and valorization of artisans' contributions, the preservation of artisanal knowledge, and facilitating access to creative spaces and opportunities.
Kawthar Zaoui - Bill Yadi

Kawthar Zaoui

Product and collection development
With her education in cultural, heritage and digital mediation, and her passion for drawing and the various artistic expressions in crafts, Kawthar joined the Bill Yadi team at the very beginning of the project, where she now helps us develop our product collections and ensures that they always have a unique artistic touch.


Workshop supervisor
Chmicha, joined the team of Bill Yadi in October 2023, bringing with her a vibrant presence that is both captivating and mischievous. With her fiery orange fur, she gracefully guides the team, ensuring that operations run smoothly with her keen feline instincts. Chmicha's sharp wit and unparalleled charm make her more than just a workshop cat - she is the epitome of feline brilliance, a true icon in the world of cats.
Yousra Waaziz - Bill Yadi

Yousra Waaziz

Assistant craftswoman
After training in leatherworking, Yousra did her practical training in the Bill Yadi workshop in 2022, joining the team in 2023. Passionate about leatherwork and creation, Yousra is looking to further develop her technical and creative skills with us, and to help us develop our production process.
Leila Kutub - Bill Yadi

Leila Kutub

Branding and community manager

Leila Kutub is a graphic designer and illustrator who joined the Bill Yadi team in 2023. With her background in print and digital graphic design, Leila has been actively involved in the rebranding efforts of Bill Yadi. She has played a significant role in shaping the visual identity of Bill Yadi and continues to contribute to its graphic design needs.


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