Artisanal preservation: Bill Yadi’s success with EU support

“In Rabat, Wafae Zaoui is on a mission of entrepreneurship and cultural preservation. Her business, CRÉ ARTISANAT, and brand, BillYadi aren’t just businesses; they’re a project to protect Morocco’s artisanal heritage. Thanks to support from EU-funded CREACT4MED, which focuses on cultural and creative enterprises, Wafae is making her dream a reality.”


At CRÉ ARTISANAT, we’re proud of our unique combination of entrepreneurship and cultural preservation. Our company and our brand, Bill Yadi, are not just money-making activities, they are a project whose aim is to protect Morocco’s craft heritage. We are fortunate to be able to realize our dream thanks to the support of CREACT4MED, a European Union-funded project dedicated to cultural and creative enterprises.

As a passionate craftswoman and creative practitioner, our founder, Wafae Zaoui, followed a personal path that led to the creation of CRÉ ARTISANAT and the Bill Yadi brand. Wafae studied engineering in Morocco and pursued a master’s in business management in France. Upon her return to Morocco, and after a few years of professional experiences, she felt the need to preserve and pass on her culture through craftsmanship. Inspired by her passion for calligraphy, painting and art, she began creating personalized tote bags adorned with Arabic calligraphic signs. The success and popularity of her creations have been the cornerstone of our company.

CRÉ ARTISANAT has benefited from EU support thanks to the CREACT4MED project, which aims to strengthen cultural and creative enterprises in southern neighboring countries. This project has been essential to our growth and has enabled us to actively contribute to the preservation of Morocco’s rich craft heritage. Thanks to the financial support and business incubation services offered by CREACT4MED, we have been able to develop our growth strategies, improve the quality of our products and extend the reach of our Bill Yadi brand.

CREACT4MED’s support was not limited to financial resources. The project has also created an online platform that facilitates exchanges between players in the ecosystem of cultural and creative enterprises. This platform has enabled us to become part of a dynamic community of start-ups and share valuable experiences. By connecting with other entrepreneurs in Morocco and the Southern Neighborhood region, we were able to strengthen our sense of belonging to a wider community and benefit from collective expertise.

We are grateful to the EU and CREACT4MED for their continued support and commitment to cultural and creative enterprises. Thanks to this collaboration, CRÉ ARTISANAT continues to grow and preserve Morocco’s precious craft heritage. We are determined to pursue our mission to enhance craftsmanship, preserve ancestral traditions and promote a sustainable economic model based on handicrafts.